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Leverage Our Synergistic Expertise Across User Experience, Industrial Design, and Digital Interfaces to Create Products, Apps, and Services of Tomorrow.

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Bold and sensible design and innovation works from our agency have won over 30 international awards, including the Red Dot, iF, Japan’s G Mark, and Singapore’s prestigious President’s Design Award.

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Creating sensible change for humanity through smart, perceptive, and surprising design solutions.

We are an award-winning multidisciplinary creative agency in Singapore that delivers cutting-edge Experience Design, Product Design, and UX/UI Interfaces. Our design agency’s distinctiveness comes from nearly a decade of establishing fluid intersections amongst the 6 expertise areas within our team – Visionary Thinking, Ethnography Research, Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Spatial Design, and App Development. This mix enables our innovation and design consultancy in Singapore to uncover sharp research insights using emergent trans-disciplinary knowledge and translate them into unexpected ideas – while keeping our solutions grounded, feasible, and elegant.
We are Design Thinking Done Right – where vision and inspiration break through the cliché and creative solutions finally become new, actionable, and impactful – because of actual know-how, not theory and dated tools.

Our Competencies

We have deep expertise in several potent disciplines – masterfully woven together for cutting-edge impact.

Increasingly, the business opportunities and complex problems of today require thinking and solutions that come from a concerted mixture across deep disciplines – and a keen pulse on the frontiers of innovation. At STUCK, our product design company in Singapore harnesses the best synergy from experts of varied specialisations within our team.

In Good Company

Innovation and impact require a sustained journey together. We believe in being good shipmates and good neighbours. As the leading design and innovation agency in Singapore, we exemplify synergy. From bold startups to the best-loved brands around the world, STUCK and our clients are great collaborators. Together we express the aspirations and creativity inherent in our clients’ brands, values and culture.

Awards & Recognition

Our Radical + Rational approach connects boldness and relevance seamlessly and creatively.
Working at the frontiers, we capture your brand in today’s sensory language and make stuff that is quickly loved. Bold yet sensible, the product design company’s collective experience has won over 30 international awards including the Red Dot, iF, and the prestigious President’s Design Award in Singapore.

Founded in 2010,
STUCK is based in Singapore

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