Delivering a High-tech Key for Digital Security and Privacy

Frequently misunderstood by consumers as a USB memory stick, the SecretKIY invented by Fast and Safe Technology Pte Ltd (FAST) was given a makeover to accurately convey the device as a digital security key. We designed a new form, packaging and brand identity to re-introduce this military-grade security product to the everyday consumer.
Role Industrial design, Packaging design, Branding
Client FAST, 2014

A Secure Key to Go

SecretKIY’s existing USB stick proportions were redesigned to a shape that echoed the familiar format of security tokens. At the same time, this design was kept portable and convenient to carry about, fitting even into a wallet.

Strength in Simplicity

The “machined” stainless steel aesthetic of the SecretKIY communicates the solid digital barrier it provides while looking premium and chic. The key and holder design system communicates how the product simply functions by plugging into a USB port.

Twin Purpose Packaging

SecretKIY’s technology provides a patented self-recovery system in the form of a separate RescueKIY that involves no third party in retrieving one’s data even when the key is misplaced. Our clear packaging—inspired by the “In Case of Emergency Break Glass” fire-alarm triggers— features the SecretKIY at the point of purchase and becomes a storage for the accompanying RescueKIY until needed.

Logo concepts proposed for KIY, one with a shield-like language and the other with hieroglyphics-like aesthetics

Offering Security for the Masses

To convey the military legacy of the SecretKIY to the everyday consumer, our branding is a modern and approachable take on high-tech encryption. The logo draws inspiration from the cryptic visuals of hieroglyphics, and this is expressed in simple lines that hint at the bits and bytes nature of this digital security product.


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