AIR+ Smartmask

AIR+ Smartmask

A System of Respirator Masks that ‘Breathes’

Respirator masks are the first line of defense against air pollution and airborne diseases, yet many forgo them because they are uncomfortable to wear and seldom fit well – especially for children. Developed by homegrown engineering firm Innosparks, we worked in collaboration with the Innosparks team to engineer a protective mask that delivers protection without compromising comfort.
Client Innosparks Pte Ltd (A Member of ST Engineering)
Role Industrial Design, Innovation Collaboration, Ergonomics, Branding and Packaging
Awards President’s Design Award 2015 / Red Dot Design Award 2016 / iF Design Award 2016

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Active Ventilation

The AIR+ Smart Mask is truly an engineering breakthrough through its smart system of disposable masks and detachable micro ventilators, offering certified protection for a variety of face sizes, including that of young children. The AIR+ Smart Mask transforms a passive object for filtering air into one that actively “breathes” for the user.

Conventional masks trap exhalation and moisture, causing discomfort and breathability issues.

Breathe Comfortably

With the world’s first micro ventilator system, AIR+ Smart Mask offers what used to be available only in bulky and expensive industrial mask technology to the everyday user. While conventional respirators trap exhalation—raising temperatures, moisture and carbon dioxide levels inside them—leading to headaches and shortness of breath, the AIR+ Micro Ventilator reduces humidity (by up to 40 per cent), temperatures (by up to 4°C) and carbon dioxide levels to ensure it remains cool and comfortable to wear the respirator even over a prolonged period.

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Cutting Edge Technology For All

AIR+ Smart Mask translates a ground-breaking technology into a simple and considered user experience. The design breaks apart the conventional archetypes of powered respirators, replacing it with a system of disposable masks, offered in three faces sizes, and two types of detachable USB-powered micro ventilators. Such a hygienic, convenient and portable design allows users to customise a protective solution for different environments.

Inspired By Science, Led By Engineering

The AIR+ Smart Mask is innovation in action, from its revolutionary concept, breakthrough technology and its novel use of technology to inspire design. To inform the mask size design, Innosparks engineers measured the face sizes of 850 Asian adults and children though 3D scanning and physical measurements. To envision the micro ventilator’s benefit to the consumer, engineers research the breathing patterns and airflow dynamics within masks through simulation studies. The result is a differentiated product that fits typical Asian faces and delivers cool comfort.

Form and Function

Beyond a technological solution, the AIR+ Smart Mask comes in a face-friendly shape and muted aesthetics that softens the image of masks, which have become signals for others around to keep their distance. Yet, this stylish mask still functions well. Not only can it be folded flat, the design has achieved certification under the American NIOSH and European CE Standards.

The Right Fit, Including for Children

Conventional masks are large in order to have enough surface area for lower breathing resistance. This makes it difficult to provide children with a good facial seal and are better suited for industrial use. Respirators also trap exhalation and moisture, causing discomfort and breathability issues.
For the first time, children aged 7 years and up have a respirator that fits them. Despite the challenge of a small surface area, the AIR+ Smart Mask is able to offer high performance certified to industrial standards due to its engineering and design ingenuity. AIR+ Smart Mask comes in small, medium and large sizes to fit the whole family, and the designs were tested to fit typical Asian face profiles, using data derived from 3D-scanning the faces of over 800 individuals.

A Design that Works

During the prolonged haze of 2015 in Singapore, AIR+ Smart Mask emerged as the preferred choice of protective masks among consumers and was well reviewed by the city’s major newspapers and online media. In 2016, the design also clinched industrial accolades from the likes of the President*s Design Award, Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award.

Besides providing the industrial design and supporting Innosparks’ engineering design team through the innovation and ergonomics problem-solving, STUCK’s work was extended to branding, packaging and web design direction

Design Team Donn Koh, Lim Chi Yong, Tze Lee, Yong Jie Yu, Ng Xin Nie, Cheng Siew Ming
Engineering Team Jerome Lee, Gareth Tang, Fong Saik Hay, Karl Erik Birgersson, Daniel Tan, Steven Sak, Li Fuyun, Lin Jin-Jyr, Natalie Lin

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