MatterClean UV-01


Finally, A UV Phone Sanitiser That Helps You Develop A Habit To Use It

Many people buy UV sanitisers in hopes of combating their germ-laden phones. But if you are like us, we find it hard to form the habit of using it regularly.
It’s not your fault – Rather, its just poor user experience design. Let us help you with that as we solve this for ourselves too. MatterClean will finally enable you to keep up with this good ritual of sanitising your phone every time you come home.
Estimated Launch: September 2020


Limited Quantities Production

We ask for your patience as we ramp up the production lines for the launch of MatterClean. Our first production run will be extremely limited in quantities so be sure to leave your email below for us to notify you once you are able to order it. (Estimate September 2020)


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