BMW Emotions App

BMW Emotions App

Bringing Cars to Life Within An App Screen

We were commissioned by BMW to create the design strategy for a repository where BMW car owners and potential customers can tap into for insights about others’ experiences with BMW vehicles. The app would also be a way for BMW to qualitatively sense the sentiments of its audience in relation to different aspects of the cars.
Client BMW, 2016
Design Role App Idea and Strategy Refinement, Wireframing, UI/UX Design
Development Role Back-End Programming, iOS and Android Front-End


We derived our approach from how beautiful vehicles are appreciable, both in overall proportions and up-close – in details and surfaces. The solution ensured that everyone can contribute content quickly and easily, and the resultant posts would be effortlessly beautiful and dynamic.

Beyond a Magazine

The reading experience is made rich and responsive; allowing images to be displayed at 2 different levels of zoom created a layered, magazine-like layout, while the manipulatable focal area delivers a level of interactive engagement and discovery that surpasses print medium.

Project Testimonial

“Picking up the pieces from various stakeholders and transforming the loose puzzle into a turn-key solution is just one of STUCK’s strengths. Aside from distinctive design ideas they also convince with state of the art security in their web solutions.”


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