Crizal Marketing Activation


Crizal’s lens performance made visible through design

Businesses and marketers have long relied on traditional marketing communications to engage their audiences. The usual suspects – ‘key visuals’, taglines, graphic posters, brochures, shelf talkers, and advertising videos – have become the baseline.

Amidst all of this visual media – offline or digital – it is exceedingly difficult to stand out and be memorable.

To stay ahead, it is pertinent and timely, to be more engaging, more experiential, and more authentically tangible. To this end, marketing, brand activation, and retail demonstrations need to go beyond the usual.

One transformation already on the horizon is tapping on multidisciplinary teams who excel at combining well-considered physical object design, human interactivity, and user experience to compose bespoke encounters for consumers.

Such creatives also need to be fluent with the sciences and tech-engineering and also have a skillful grasp on spatial contexts and business constraints – if you want your solutions to be relevant, cutting-edge, and timely.

The Game Changer

We think good design is the best form of marketing.

To this end, marketing, brand activation, and retail demonstrations need to go beyond the usual.

The audience of today is fatigued of the polished sales copy, utopian visuals that tell us what our lives should be like, comparison charts, and the typical ‘Photoshopped’, simulated dramatization of product features and benefits.


There is a growing disdain for media that superficially professes benefits and brand values and tries to convince us about what we should feel.


Instead, we look for authentic proof, in-person experiences, and quieter brilliance.


These are brand experiences that deliver a tangible encounter through which the values of the company can be felt, and the craft behind its products is revealed.

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