Budgie App

Budgie App

Budget Tracking Made Fun

Managing finances is a tedious and tiresome affair. We developed this personal budget app to make it easy to acquire the good habit of keeping accounts.
Own Product Product Strategy, UI/UX Design, Development
Developed on iOS, Android
Year 2016
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Get Used to Being Lazy

Budgie remembers and approximates frequently entered expenses. As the app grows used to your financial habits, entering accounts will simply be a tap and go affair.

Tailored to Your Needs

With rolling budgets that let you track monthly expenses and split temporary budgets account for what you spent while on vacation, Budgie lets you manage your money on your terms.

Enjoy Accounting

Feel rewarded while keeping score of your finances with Budgie. Game-like prompts, customisable icon packs, all contained within a clean and easy-to-use interface takes away the hassle of financial management—and even makes it a joy.


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