Blending innovation with experiential delight, our team is passionate about realizing meaningful design and fresh game-changers that make a difference in people’s lives.

The Stickies

Tze Lee

Principal Designer + Founder

Yong Jieyu

Principal Designer + Founder

Donn Koh

Principal Designer + Founder

Winston Chai

Business Development Director + Strategist

KK Wong

Strategy & Innovation Director

Hans Tan

Advisory Founder

Edwin Low

Advisory Founder

Cheng Siew Ming

Director of Operations + Senior UIUX & Multi-Disciplinary Designer

Benjamin Xue

Director of STUCKLABS + Creative Technologist

Jeannie Lee

Chief of Order

Sri Selamat

Studio Accounts

Lim Chi Yong

Senior Industrial Designer + Prototyping Wizard

Chen Huiqian

UX & Product Development Specialist + Iron Barbie

Siew Siew

Ong Siew Siew

Project Manager

Letitia Lim

Industrial & Multi-Disciplinary Designer + Pocket Dynamite

Michelle Chong

UI/UX Designer + Datasmith

Desiree Lim

Researcher & Wordsmith + Industrial & Spatial Designer

Ng Tse Pei

Design Researcher + Illustrator

Matthew Wong

Storyteller & Multi-Disciplinary Designer + The Eye

Kevin Yeo

Kevin Yeo

 Industrial Designer

Koh Wei Eng

Design Researcher + Yoga Master

Hanwen Zhang

 Industrial Designer + Doodler

Caitlin Foo

User Experience Designer + Urban Farmer

Sen Fong Ling

 Industrial Designer + Prototyping Queen

Hsiao Fong

Lee Hsiao Fong

Industrial Designer + Researcher


Chester Lim

STUCK Labs Chemist


Mechanical Engineering Intern


Mechanical Engineering Intern

Distinguished Alumni

We honour the contributions and fond memories made by the best of our alumni. These are the Stickies who left a generous impact – their persisting friendship makes them like co-founders and advisors.

Ng Xin Nie

Current – Googler
Xin Nie was an integral spark at STUCK and is forever family. As a Senior Communications & UI/UX Designer with a unique flair, she was instrumental to many iconic projects at STUCK. Her excellent personality lingers on in the culture she helped build in our studio. She now works in the 2nd-best company in the world. =P

Corina Tan

Current – Supermom of Two Toddlers
Dearly missed by the team, Corina was our UI/UX & Communications Designer comrade with a ‘can-do’ spirit. Helping us through our formative years, she was a key anchor to projects and pioneered ‘team happiness’ events. We wish her well in her most-worthy pursuit of full-time motherhood.

Luigi Memola

Current – Head, EPTA London
With his impossible skills, Luigi brought a new level of stress to all of us. In a most helpful way, this accelerated the growth of our team’s 3D capability for the challenge of transportation and aerospace projects – which have now become a key pillar in our work. We wish him the projects of his dreams at his newly-founded Epta Design.
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