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STUCK is a programme partner with the Learning by Design initiative by the DesignSingapore Council. Selected school projects will be entitled to receive sponsorship of up to $30,000 from Dsg for implementation in 2025.

If you are a teacher, innovation team lead, or school leader, and you want to drive Design Thinking in your school — we want to help you make this happen. Drop us a note. [email protected]

Discover the right design topic to fit your school’s needs and interests.

Our expertise lie in these 4 topics, and we can also tailor the modes of learning to your needs. Contact us to craft a customised package for your school.

Generative A.I. for EducationStay ahead of the curve and effectively use A.I. as a tool for education and student creativity. We introduce effective ways to incorporate tools such as ChatGPT and Hypersketch* to teach design.

  • Dynamic lectures with live A.I. demos
  • Hands-on creative workshops with Gen A.I. tools
  • Showcase festival of Gen A.I. designs

* Hypersketch is a proprietary generative sketching tool created by STUCK, and currently works on iPad/iPhone/Mac

Creative Placemaking: Transform spaces into placesTransform your school spaces into vibrant, inspiring places of learning. Our workshops help teachers and students reimagine and take ownership of existing school spaces, including the classrooms, white spaces, canteen, library, etc.

  • Interactive design thinking workshops
  • Prototyping with a scale physical spatial model
  • Informed spatial blueprint development

Curriculum Boosters: Design for 21CCIncorporate critical, adaptive and inventive thinking into new or existing school curriculum. We work closely with teachers on the best ways to rethink curriculum through the design thinking process.

  • Informative lectures on teaching mindsets, creative assessment, and more
  • Coaching hours with design educators
  • Custom-designed learning materials for teachers to plug-and-play

Lead Innovation and Change in your schoolSpark real change and tackle a specific challenge you see in school. Through a coaching or workshop format, gain the know-how and master tools to drive innovation.

  • Informative lectures on human-centred innovation, simplifying a challenge to solve, and more
  • Coaching hours with design educators
  • Hands-on workshops to take a problem from start to finish

As educators and design practitioners, we are well-equipped to help you sharpen real-world problem-solving skills.

Check out our past works with schools, educators, and students.


Reimagining the library in a secondary school

The teachers and students of Holy Innocents’ High School came together as equal collaborators to reimagine their beloved school library. Through a series of workshops with STUCK, they engaged in the design thinking process together — empathising with one another, building scale prototypes, and testing their ideas.

The library has since been renovated, with ideas from the workshop incorporated into the space.

Design Thinking with STUCK: Spatial Prototyping Kits

Prototyping our ideas is key to getting user feedback, so that our ideas can be iterated and improved upon. Spaces are one of the most relatable things to start making prototypes of, simply because we’re constantly immersed in any one space. STUCK created a prototyping kit specifically for mocking up spaces, so that everyone can start thinking with their hands and making their ideas tangible.


Prompting student voices and designing white spaces in a primary school


Chua Chu Kang Primary School was looking to spruce up their white spaces, and sought students’ needs and aspirations for these spaces. Teachers actively participated in the process, facilitated by STUCK, to help the students immerse themselves in the design thinking process. They visited each of the white spaces, and interviewed one another on-site as they tried to identify pain points, so that they could come up with ideas they could prototype and test.

Design Thinking with STUCK: Constructive Complaining

One way we love to uncover the right problems to solve is through Singaporeans’ favourite pastime — complaining, complaining, complaining. By complaining on someone else’s behalf,  we learn to empathise with our users’ frustrations quickly. And because it is fictional and hypothetical, we then get a chance to ask our test our assumptions with actual users, all while keeping the fun!


Hypersketch A.I. Experience Booth at MOE HQ

Hypersketch Booth at MOE

Generative A.I. is a wonderful tool for creativity, but perhaps it’s daunting to think about creating an account, and learning to write prompts properly, and figuring out why it’s not generating the “right” things — if only it didn’t feel so difficult to start using it. With a few simple sketch lines and a press of a button, Hypersketch creates beautiful images to inspire and spark imagination.

A booth was set up at the MOE HQ for passersby to try out the magic.

Design Thinking with STUCK: Hypersketch

Hypersketch is a sketching app developed in-house by STUCK. Powered by A.I., sketches are transformed into diverse and polished images, whether it be a physical product, a building, a car, or even a digital interface. It opens the doors of imagination to anyone with any level of proficiency in either sketching or generative A.I. At STUCK, we love using it to turn any quick ideas into compelling visuals, to test with users.

Our software can be used on iPad, iPhone and Mac. Devices for use during workshops can be provided, if required. We can also set up a booth in your school. Simply get in touch.


Prompting student voices and designing white spaces in a primary school

STUCK worked with Bedok South Secondary School to introduce design thinking with one cohort of Secondary One students and teachers. With a mix of in-class workshops and online video tutorials, we brought the students through the process of finding the right problem to solve, creating silly ideas to solve them, and prototyping and pitching their proposed solutions.

Design Thinking with STUCK: Creating “Bad Ideas”

It is a common misconception that only “creative people” can create “good ideas”. We believe that it’s not about thinking outside of the box, but thinking in the right boxes. One such box is to simply create “bad ideas”, silly ones that nobody thinks would work out — so that we can try them out and improve on them. It is much easier to gradually evolve a bad idea into a good one, than trying to create a good idea from a blank slate, isn’t it?

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