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What is product design?

Contrary to the notion that the phenomenon is about “designing a product”, product design involves strategy, people, process, method and meaning. It incorporates human behaviour and user experience with a keen understanding and awareness of social, economic, cultural and environmental sensitivities.

If your company needs some assistance taking your product design to the next level, STUCK is the product design company with a competent and seasoned team of experts here to serve you. Our company has relevant design thinking skills and knowledge to help take your business to higher heights in Singapore and beyond.

How Product Design is Done at Our Company

Product design isn’t as complex as it seems when you have a company of well-trained and competent specialists who have had sufficient experience in it.

Here’s what happens when you engage our design services:

  1. Conceptualisation: before we get to any design thinking, our team would want to hear from you first. Tell us your objectives and share some information about your products and services in Singapore and abroad.
  2. Product design: next, we will get to the actual ‘design’ phase. Based on your business objectives and goals, our team will develop a prototype that would keep your brand and strategy in mind.
  3. Final adjustments: finally, we will make some adjustments to the prototype based on your feedback.


Reach Out to Us

Do you have any questions about our product design services? Please feel free to speak to us.

Our company remains committed to serving our customers with utmost professionalism and swiftness. You can count on our seasoned and well-trained team to provide nothing short of superb products and services.

Rest assured that when you entrust your design concerns to us, we will make sure we exceed your expectations. Click here to get in touch.


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