Gray Advent Tech Accessories

A Brave New Aesthetic for Luxury

Challenging the classic and conservative designs that typify the luxury market, this serialised and limited-run Apple iPhone 6 casing offers a new definition of opulence for the energetic upstart Gray International. The Advent Case and Shard Pen were the two maiden products of Gray that defined the original vision and propelled the brand onto the market.
Client Gray International
Role Industrial Design
Site Gray

Innovative Use of Material and Assembly Method

Taking advantage of the new form factor of the iPhone, this casing offers an unexpected way of mounting without screws and latches — fully maximising the ultra-high tensile strength of titanium. The unique construction also gives rise to the iconic split-halves aesthetic of the case.

Refining Rebellion

The casing successfully blends the spirited, untamed vision of Gray’s founder with STUCK’s inclination towards reduction and control in luxury, resulting in a restraint product that is proportionately refined yet having a dynamic core.

Iconic Packaging

The unique construction of the Advent enables it to be housed in a case that displays it as split-halves, akin to “luxury ammunition”.

Each Advent is produced in serialized, limited runs.

Artisanal Finishes

The Advent comes in either Aurora, Stealth black or Titanium finishing. Gray’s metalsmiths lend an artisanal touch of craft to the digitally fabricated precision of its products. Be sure to check out the video below (Courtesy of Gray International).

Digital Craft

We were commissioned to design Gray’s two inaugural products, the Advent case and the Shard pen. Both were developed using mathematical 3D surfacing, translated into digital fabrication, and given the final artisanal touch by craft.


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