Contour HD

Contour HD

Hands-Free Shooting and Seamless Sharing Before It Even Became a Thing

Seeking to reinvent the video camera, action sports camera company Contour worked with STUCK principal Lee Tze Ming, while he was working at Ziba, to create this “shoot and share” wearable camera—one of the world’s first when launched.
Client Contour
Role Industrial Design
Designer Lee Tze Ming, at Ziba, Portland, USA
All images courtesy of Contour and Ziba


A broad selection of mounts makes it easy to attach the camera onto everything from helmets to bike handlebars, and even ski goggles. Paired with a single button control and easy to swap battery packs, recording on the go with the Contour HD is completely fuss-free.

Hands-Free Shooting

Packed into this rugged camera is a dual-laser system that ensures automatic focus, while an integrated GPS maps every journey made.

Sharing Made Easy

The camera is integrated with a custom software designed to make sharing as convenient as shooting. Cropping, editing and uploading online is a simple and fast process tailored just for the Contour user.

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